Questions? Look here.

Who cleans my home?

All SuperClean professional cleaners are true and legal employees who are screened, trained, uniformed and insured. Our supervised team approach of specialists maximises efficiency and quality in our cleaning services.

Do I have to be present while they clean my home?

The choice is yours. Most clients find the most convenient and secure method as to issue a key to SuperClean. If your home is equipped with a security system, please make the necessary arrangement to give the team access to your home on the scheduled day.

How do I know you will do a good job?

No one in the industry goes further to ensure a high quality professional cleaning services and a reliable cleaning contract than SuperClean. All our employees receive thorough training. Our professional cleaners operate as a team under an experienced supervisor at all times who then inspects their work after the completed cleaning service. Furthermore, after each cleaning job, we will leave behind a Customer Quality Card. This is your opportunity to relay your comments to us. If the cleaning is less than excellent, let us know in detail how we may improve. Your comments on our cleaning services are extremely valuable to us.

What about my Pet?

SuperClean realises that pets are family! If you would advise us of pets before we clean, we can be prepared when we arrive at your home. We do not want to upset your pet with the introduction of new people, smells and noises. It has been our experience that pets are better kept away or restricted to allow us to clean your house better with less stress on your pet. For health reasons, our staff does not handle any type of animal or human waste.

What do I have to dupply?

Nothing. SuperClean cleaning contract provides all the necessary professional quality cleaning equipment and supplies. And if you have a special product you prefer us to use, such as specific wax or polish, we’ll be happy to use it.

Can I count on you to be there?

YES! We always show up because we know how frustrating it is to come home to a messy house. Due to our flexible and ever-changing schedule, we are unable to commit to a specific TIME of day for our arrival. However, we will work with you to overcome any scheduling conflicts and you may call our office the morning of your house cleaning if you need an approximate time range. Our experienced and responsible staff, our organisational skills, team approach, and size allow us to assure you that we will never disappoint you for relying on our professional cleaning services and contract.

How do I pay for the cleaning services?

Online payment is accepted or by invoice which can be paid directly by you when the cleaning job is completed. We also accept Visa, MasterCard in person or by phone for all cleaning services.

Am I committing to a long-term obliging cleaning Contract?

No. We rely on our superior quality of cleaning service and your satisfaction rather than any cleaning contract to retain you as a client. Should you request our home cleaning services on regular basis, you will be scheduled indefinitely in advance to reserve your day. Should you choose to reschedule or cancel cleaning services, simply call our office a minimum of two business days in advance. We do not tie you down with an obliging cleaning contract.

Do you provide Guaranteed Satisfaction of your cleaning services?

Quality is our #1 goal. If any area or item we were scheduled to clean is unacceptable-do not re-clean the area, call our office within 24 hours and we will take care of it. It is important to us that we provide excellent cleaning services to all of our clients and by giving you this guarantee, we hopefully will make you a customer for life.